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Mackinaw Bridge: 20' Yagi High Band for DOT
Northern Pier; 355' Above Water Line

We are a small, but growing, Tower Service and Maintenance company (located in northern lower Michigan) specializing in cellular, TV, radio, public safety, communication builds, upgrades, and installations. We pride ourselves on having an oustanding reputaion and excellent workmanship. We have worked for most major carriers, as well as the smaller local stations.  

High Elevation Rescue and Maintenance is an all-inclusive Tower Service company.  We supply the industry with some of the best and safest technicians in the midwest, while providing high quality workmanship. 

It all starts and ends with the tower. We have built a company around the technicians, their families and the industry it supports.   Putting the “Tower Dogs” back where they belong ... On Top! 

Let us put strength and quality into your next build.